Custom Woven Patches & Cloth Badges


Woven badges are a perfect alternative if your emblem cannot be accurately embroidered due to very fine detail or small lettering.

The digitized image is saved on disk and loaded to the embroidery machine. The machine uses the digital instructions to create your design with threads.

The number of stitches that the machine needs to make, the quantity of items being embroidered, and the location of the embroidery determines the embroidery cost.

Any design that will need more than just keyboard lettering will have to be digitized.

Digitizing is the process of taking an image of your logo and converting into stitches using specialized software developed especially for the embroidery industry.

They are available in just about any shape. Just like embroidered patches, the border may be diecut or merrowed.

These woven patches will have 100% thread coverage with no cloth background showing, giving them an extremely luxurious look.

Below we have some samples of custom made woven cloth patches and cloth badges.